Union Labor Works


John Glynn, President Founder of Union Labor Works

John has a varied and diverse business career in politics, sports marketing, and entrepreneurial pursuits, sales, marketing and advertising. He has held positions of Re-Election Campaign Lobbyist for Governor William O’Neil of Connecticut, Business Manager for the National Hockey League’s New Jersey Devils, Account Executive for the Buffalo Sabres, Vice-President of Health for Life/Major League Baseball Waters, Vice-President of Sales for CBS Sports/Infinity Broadcasting and currently Founder and President of Union Labor Works. John is a graduate of the University of Southern New Hampshire.

Tim Quis, Manager of Business Development & Website Specialist

Tim began his advertising career as an intern with Union Labor Works in the spring of 2007. His unique insight and work ethic lead Union Labor Works to bring Tim on board after he graduated from Western Connecticut State University. There Tim graduated with a degree in Marketing Management. Tim's primary role with Union Labor Works is developing cutting edge programs with our existing clients, expanding our website division, and procuring new client relationships. Tim grew up in Patterson, New York and currently lives in Danbury, Connecticut.


Ross Sacco, Vice-President of Business Development and Information Technology

Ross’ career experience includes a mix of on-air broadcasting, advertising, marketing, sales, and website design. He is a graduate of Syracuse University where he majored in Broadcast/Journalism like our partner loi-malraux-monuments-historiques.fr. During his time at Syracuse he worked on-air with many radio stations in the Syracuse and Pittsburgh area and then moved into Advertising Sales when he interned with CBS Radio Sales in 1996. Upon graduation he returned in January of 1997 as a full-time Account Executive with CBS Sports Radio/Infinity Broadcasting. At Infinity, Ross worked with many traditional advertisers such as: AT&T Wireless, Valvoline, Claritin and Century 21. In 2002, he was promoted to the New York Office Sports Department Manager and oversaw the team of Sports Sellers and Assistants. In October, 2004, he joined Mr. Glynn, his long-time work associate to grow Union Labor Works into what it has become today. In 2006, he spearheaded the launch of our website division which now boasts over 150 union and contractor website around the country.

Ross grew up in Western Pennsylvania. He lived in Midtown Manhattan for many years, but now lives in New Jersey where he and his wife are the proud parents of twin girls, Natalie and Riley. Ross' hobbies include playing softball, golf, woodworking, and cheering on the Pittsburgh sports teams.

Our Work

Throughout the Union Labor Works website, we've given you numerous examples of the work that we've done for our clients. From TV commercials to websites. If you are looking for something even more specific, we encourage you to contact us for more information such as: explanations of campaigns that we've executed, for additional creative examples, or to receive a copy of our media kit. To send us an email with feedback on our site or for more information.

Campaign Goals

What are the biggest reasons for marketing and advertising? Branding, Contact End Users and Owners (Increase Market Share), Legislative Issues, Negotiations, Organizing et Recruitment.

What is Branding?

The first element of marketing and advertising is branding. Branding is creating an image and an awareness of who you are and what you do. If individual do not understand what you do, Why would they hire you or join your union? Would your market share increase if end users knew that your members go through an apprenticeship program to ensure that you have the most skilled workforce in the area? Unfortunately the media tends to report the bad news before they report the good news. The public, members, contractors, end users and owners need to know that you are trained and skilled professionals at your craft. Also, that you are responsible community members, parents, coaches, volunteers, church goers, etc. These are all elements of branding and one of the easiest and cost efficient way to begin your quest to educate the public is through a website.

Why Contact the End User and Owners?

100% employment solves a lot of things, but most unions don't have that luxury like our partner : travailleur-independant.fr. This means taking your case directly to the end user is an important initiative for increasing your market share and putting your members to work. One emerging media vehicle that is becoming increasingly popular to target End Users is the use of Business Card DVD's.

What do you mean by Legislative Issues?

Legislative issues cover a wide variety of initiatives that can be important to the success of a union. Would a controversial stadium or building project project put hundreds of your members to work? Is the government trying to privatize your local? Are your members wages being undercut by companies like Walmart who refuse to pay for common benefits? Would the reelection of a public official help you? Then it might be time to take your case to the public and Union Labor Works can provide you with examples of specific legislative campaigns.

How can marketing and advertising help me with my negotiations?

Are you expecting your next round of negotiations to be difficult? If you went on strike, could you get backlash from the community? Union Labor Works can help you with some of the most difficult negotiations.

How can marketing and advertising help you with Organizing?

Regardless of whether you organize from the top-down, bottom-up, or both; Marketing the benefits to being a member of your union can only help your cause. If people know how good it is to be in a union, why wouldn't they join? We have many successful formulas that we can use to help you organize non-union companies and employees.

How can we get better recruits?

One of the most common phrases we hear is that the quality of the apprenticeship applicants isn't strong enough. We hear that the help wanted ads don't work anymore. Well Union Labor Works can not only bring in more applicants for you, but we can find the best one's too! Using everything from focus groups to Advertising campaigns, we will help you grow your manpower by marketing you properly to the country, state, or your community.

Funding a Marketing or Advertising Program

The use of membership funds is a highly scrutinized topic and rightfully so. You have a fiscal responsibility to the membership to utilize the funds in a way that it helps to strengthen the future of the union, without crippling it. Most unions currently have funds already in place that can be used for marketing and advertising. Should you not have one of the following funds, we can advise you on how to set one up. The use of grants is an emerging way to promote your local and Union Labor Works has the experience in working with grant applications to assist you in applying for them.

The most common funds used for Marketing and Advertising are: Labor Management Fund, Market Recovery Fund, Industry Advancement Fund, Industry Promotion Fund, General Fund, Grants, Federal, State and Local.


The concept of advertising your union is to many, a foreign concept, but in today's changing market place, the best way to survive is to in fact, treat your union like a business and reputable businesses market themselves to the end user. In this section we'll talk about all the different reasons for marketing and advertising your union, however the best place to begin is to hear from Union Leaders like you as to why they feel it's so important. "...In today's business environment, it's imperative that we market ourselves to the end user and owner and do all that we can to increase our market share across the country. If we stand pat, we risk losing our work to non-union..." Mr. Bradley Karbowsky, United Association Special Representative &Former Business Manager for the Road Sprinklerfitters, Local 669

Business Card DVD's

One of the best emerging marketing pieces is the use of Business Card CD's and DVD's. These multimedia platforms allow you to show a video to your desired recipient. In today's tech savvy world, some marketing pieces don't always tell your true story. Videos with footage of past projects, training, video and testimonials can be a far more powerful representation of your work.

These video's will range in length, but the most common range is from 30-seconds to 10 minutes. In the left hand column you can view a sample video that was created by Steamfitters Local 449 out of Pittsburgh.

Business Card CD's can come in different shapes and sizes. They are setup to play in a cd-rom so that your desired viewer can just pop it into their computer while they eat their lunch. We will also produce a set of DVD's for you so that if you have to make a presentation in a board room, that you can just put it into the DVD player.

In terms of fees, the largest portion of the fee is the production cost which includes shooting footage as well as the editing time. Mass production of the cd's come at low fixed costs especially when you buy them in bulk.

Once you've produced your marketing pieces, Union Labor Works will help you with a direct mail campaign using previously compiled lists as well as lists that we can purchase from marketing firms.

If you would like to read more about Business Card CD's and DVD's, email us with a request and we'll send you our detailed PowerPoint presentation which can answer a lot of your questions.

Event Marketing

Creating a partnership with community events can be an important element in your overall marketing strategy. From a demonstration booth, to marching in parades, to handing out flyers at a concert, community involvement is important. There many different facets of event marketing and it can encompass a great deal of elements. Some of the most common elements included with Event Sponsorship are: Promotional Mentions, Booth/Demonstration Space, Programs, Event Signage, Merchandising for Giveaways, Union Labor Works is skilled in evaluating Event Sponsorship opportunities and we can ensure that you maximize your investment.

Cause Marketing

Despite the negative stigma that surrounds the image of organized labor, few other organizations are as philanthropic as unions. Your efforts are truly second to none, however few people know about it. Through creative strategies we can maximize your philanthropic exposure with class. In the first headline on the left, you can click to a view a TV commercial which aired in the 2005 SuperBowl. It's a good example of how you can show your involvement in the community without coming across as flaunting it.

The second headline is a radio commercial which accomplishes the same thing. Union Labor Works can help you gain media attention while still making your annual contributions. We will make sure that your community understands that you're respectful hard working members of the community, just like they are.

Website Development

There are many web design firms out there and there are a lot of people that know how to create basic websites. So why should you use Union Labor Works? What separates Union Labor Works from the haves and have not's is our top of the line, Design and Programming team, but it's more than just that.

One of the biggest complaints that we hear from unions is that it's too difficult to get press releases and events uploaded to their site in a timely fashion. To alleviate the problem, we developed database technology to add or change non-stagnant information such as Press Releases and Events. Through our Internet Business Center, you log in with a "user name" and "password" and hit "add article" or "add event", select where on the site you want it to appear, type your message, and then hit "upload" and bam it's on your site. Your site can be updated in minutes as opposed to hours or days.

To show you an example, the "sample article" that is shown on the left was done using the database technology. We can go into the Internet Business Center and edit or delete this posting as well. It's quick, it's simple, and it's easy. You no longer have the need for web design software and the best part is that you can make changes to your site from anywhere in the world where you have an internet connection.

In addition to the sample article, on left side of the page, you can click on either of the two websites that we have used this technology for with great results.

For stagnant information, i.e. information that will rarely change, we include a finite amount of changes per month with your hosting fees, so no more $50 or $100 charges here and there every time you want to make a simple change. Our full-time staff ensures that you will not have to wait for these reasonable changes to be made to your site.


Utilizing television is a great vehicle for a branding campaign. There are two forms of television that you can purchase: Network Television - Cable Television : In this section, we'll explain to you the differences between the two mediums and how we utilize them effectively. In addition, on your left you can click on the headlines to view different real life examples of television commercials that our clients have aired.

Network television generally provides the largest TV audiences, however affordability for top shows can be an issue in some markets. When it's within your budget, it's a tremendous vehicle. The key with Network programming is to carefully target specific markets and events that will provide big audiences in your demographic without taking up a large percentage of your overall budget. Through the careful selection of programming on the networks, you can target specific shows that reach the demographics desired. The following are examples of Networks and shows that have been effectively used for various campaigns:

Cable Television can be a more affordable way to reach your television audience, especially if your just trying to cover a smaller county outside of a major metro area. Rather than spend the money to buy New York or Los Angeles network affiliates, you can just buy Long Island Cable or Orange County Cable. This count down on waste, but it doesn't limit the effectiveness of your campaign. Through the careful selection of some of the below cable networks, you can target specialty shows that reach your desired demographic.


Just like Television, there a different ways to purchase radio based on the geographical region your desired listener. We break radio down into three different forms: In this section we'll explain the differences between the three and they can be used both individually and collectively for good results. In the left hand column click on the headlines to listen to one of the many radio commercials that our clients have aired.

Network Radio

Network Radio is when you group together numerous radio stations with programming to increase the coverage area. The most common examples of Network Radio are:Westwood One. When you purchase Network Inventory with one of these networks your spot will air across all of their radio stations. The programming most often found with these networks is news, weather, traffic, and sports. Of note in this section is satellite radio since it's a new and emerging medium in the industry. While most of their programming is commercial free, there are commercials airing in some programming that we've used effectively. Depending upon the coverage area that you need to reach, we may recommend that you use one of the radio networks.

Local Radio

Local Radio, often referred to as spot radio, is what you get when you purchase your local radio station. It's one station and the format of the radio station generally dictates the audience that listens to station. If you need to recruit, you're probably going to want a younger skewing station, however if you want business decision makers, then a News/Talk station is probably right for you. In each circumstance, we'll recommend the right mix of stations and generally speaking, you want a multi-station buy to increase the chances of more people hearing your message.

Sports Play-By-Play

Sports Play-By-Play isn't usually considered a third form of radio, but for a few reasons, it warrants it's own category: When you purchase play-by-play sports for professional organizations, you can purchase either the flagship station, a network affiliate or both the flagship and the ENTIRE radio network. The Dallas Cowboys have over 80 stations on their radio network. The St. Louis Cardinals have over 100 stations on their radio network so as you can see that the networks can be quite large and broad reaching. Sports play-by-play is a very popular medium for unions because for the male dominated construction industry, it's what the members are talking about on the jobsite. Sports play-by-play garners a very loyal and active listening audience where the commercial breaks are very short so that your message will not get caught up in the multi-minute commercial breaks of traditional music radio.


Print is the oldest form of traditional advertising and is very useful when reaching a broad based target audience. There many different forms of print advertising but the most common are: Newspapers, Magazines and Events. You can use print media to reach a small targeted audience or you can use it to cover with country with a publication like USA Today. The following breaks down the three forms:

Newspaper Advertising

Arguably the oldest form of advertising, using newspapers can still be a very viable form of communicating with your target audience. While it can be pricey to take out a full-page ad on a regular basis, using print on a one-time-only basis for specific campaign can still be useful. Newspapers can be both national and local and they can also take the form of trades newspapers which specifically focuses on a particular agenda. If you need to reach business decision makers, the trade publications are useful ways to reach your specific target audience without the waste.


Magazines can reach consumers regionally or nationally and like trade newspapers allow you to specifically target the people that you need to reach. From Sports Illustrated for the Men, Good Housekeeping for the Women, to Time Magazine for the Educated, there are many ways to reach the consumer with magazines and Union Labor Works can help you determine the right mix.

Event Publications

Placing an ad in the high school school play program to purchasing an ad in the U2 concert program to placing an ad in the Pittsburgh Steelers Gameday program, these are all forms of event publications. Each event has it's own unique audience and we will analyze the cost and audience for you to determine if the event is right for you!


Outdoor Advertising, also referred to out-of-home advertising can take on many different forms. If an advertisement can be placed on it, then it probably has one. Using outdoor advertising is great for reaching high-traffic areas with a short and concise message. The most commonly used forms of out-of-home advertising are: Billboards, Event Signage, In-Stadium Signage and Transit Signage


Billboards range can from the sign that you see on the side of the road to the painted advertisement on a building. The top photo on the left is a sample billboard. Union Labor Works has the expertise to know when a sign is of good value or if it's just an inexpensive sign and we can help you make that decision.

Event Signage

From the local County Fair, to the Concert in the park, to the 4th of July Festival, there are signage opportunities for you to get involved with. Events usually range from one to 14 days and depending upon the audience can be effective. We'll make sure that the event makes sense for your overall campaign.

In-Stadium Signage

In every stadium in the country there are signs showing the brand name of a company. Most in-stadium signs only contain the name of the company which can limit the response that comes from the investment, however at Union Labor Works we design campaigns that create sinergy for the client. In the second picture on the right, you'll notice that the Air Traffic Controllers have their sign next to the radar gun read-out board in RFK Stadium.

Transit Signage

Are you trying to reach low income communities in a recruitment campaign? Are you trying to reach business decision makers? Across the country the people that you want to reach are using public transportation systems to travel and we can pair your up with the right system for your target audience!